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Our Players

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First Team Player
& Club Coach

McNicol transferred to Boro after coaching the Club's First Team for a few years; she previously played for National Premiership League and Cup Winners Northern Thunder.  After playing the attacking winger role for Thunder, and winning two national league top goal scorer trophies, McNicol now plays the play maker role in Boro's First Team.  Constantly pushing herself to improve  and be the best she can be, McNicol certainly sets a great work ethic example to the Club's younger players.


First Team Captain

Found is now a key member of the Club's First Team; captaining the team in the National and Regional Leagues. Found prefers to play on the wing and can pin point a pass to find his team mates and brings a calming presence to the team on court. Found will step into any position on court and is getting much more confident when playing in the middle, he is also great at spotting the smallest gap, often scoring from the halfway line. Found is part of the FA's national U18 Emerging Talent Programme, showing hard work and dedication pays off.

HANIF     16

First Team Player

Hanif is one of the Club's longest serving players; playing since he was just 5 years old.  Hanif made his debut in the National League in our Club's Reserves squad in 2015/2016 season, being the youngest player in the National League at just 8 years old! He was promoted at the start of the 2019/2020 season into the Club's First Team and is now a key member of the squad.  Hanif is part of the FA's national U18 Emerging Talent Programme, showing hard work and dedication pays off.

The Players: Meet the Team
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First Team Player

Forster, a massive Boro fan, has been playing powerchair football since joining MPFC in January 2019.  He quickly became a key member of the Club's Reserves Team playing in 2 different Regional Leagues after just one year of playing.  In such a short time he has developed a natural awareness of what's needed during a game.  His passing ability is developing nicely and his compassion for his team mates far surpasses his years. Forster is now a key member of the Club's First Team playing in National and Regional Leagues.  Forster is part of the FA's national U18 Emerging Talent Programme, showing hard work and dedication pays off.


First Team Player

Initially on loan from Newcastle United, McKie came to MPFC at the start of the 2021/22 season.  McKie made the permanent move to Boro at the start of the 2022/23 season and is now a key member of the Club's First Team playing in Regional and National Leagues.  McKie is improving game on game and is perfecting the striker role within the team as well as learning all the other roles.


First Team Player

Renton has played powerchair football for the Club since she was just 4 years old.  She was selected for the Club's Reserves Team at just 8 years old; playing in the National League as well as the North East League. Renton joined the First Team squad for the National League mid 2019/2020. Renton is known for her precision 'cheaders' (chair header) as well as her great positional play. Renton is back after a break from football for her spinal surgery and is raring to go this season, getting on the score sheet in her first National League weekend of games.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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First Team Player

Boro season ticket holder Dawes is football mad.  After working hard for a few years he played for the Club's Reserves at National and Regional Leagues during 2018/2019 season.  At the beginning of 2019/2020 season Dawes was selected to play for the Club's First Team at the National League; while continuing to play for the Reserves in the Regional League.  2021/2022 season and Dawes now plays full time for the Club's First Team. Dawes is well known for always trying his best and has an amazing 'worldy' which has buried many a goal.  He is happy to play in any position required but you can usually find him on the wing in the striker position.


Reserves Team Captain
& Assistant Coach

Hussain is the core of the Club's Reserves Team.  Hussain is comfortable in goal but more recently has become the play maker who now consistently looks for the pass to his wingers. Hussain is a supportive team player often enabling some of the Club's more physically severe players to compete.  Hussain is also developing his coaching skills not only on court with his team mates but also helping out the Head Coach during First Team games.  He is always such a positive encouraging person to have around, on and off court.


Reserves Team Player

Donnelly, another Boro season ticket holder, returned to the Club a couple of years ago after moving away.  He has slotted into the Club's Reserves Team and plays in the North East Regional League and his skills have improved with each game.  Donnelly is happy to play wherever is needed but you'll often find him covering goal; his partnership with Hussain is developing well.  When playing in the striker position he is always ready to pass back with a 'cheader,' a tricky skill to learn.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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Discovery Team Captain

Forster is a recent addition to Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club and is already showing great skills.  He is determined to learn and be the best he can be.  He has great ball mastery and is learning to pass and play the team game.

CAVENEY     23

Reserves Team Player

Famous for his goal celebrations, Caveney has played powerchair football since the early days of the Club.  Working his way up through the teams, showing that hard work and determination pays off, Caveney now plays for the Club's Reserves Team; playing in the National League 2018/2019 as well as 2 different Regional Leagues in 2019/2020 season.  Caveney has scored some great goals usually finished with rocket speed; a winning goal in a recent WFA Cup game was certainly a memorable one...a classic Caveney wrong footing the opposition direct from a sideline.


Discovery Team Player

Robinson has been with the Club for just a few months and is already showing great potential.  He has become a key member of the Club's Discovery Team playing in the Yorkshire League.  Robinson enjoys playing in goal and loves to spin hit a ball, working on his accuracy as well as learning the laws of the game.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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Reserves Team Player

Sturman has been at the Club for just a few months and is already showing great potential.  He has been selective to play as part of the Club's Reserves Team in his first season, playing in the North East Regional League.  Sturman is showing promise in the striker position as well as learning the goal keeper role, he is also working hard to learn all the laws of the game.

YATES     63

Discovery Team Player

Recently promoted to the Club's Discovery team, Yates has played powerchair football for just over 5 years and is the son of the Club's Chairman.  He is a fan of speed and his interest of fast cars shows when he accelerates onto a ball passed into space, often resulting in a goal.  Yates has a fast sideline ball and has scored many goals at training and in matches at the North East Regional League.

GARNER     31

Discovery Team Player

Garner is another one of the Club's longest serving players.  He was promoted to the Club's Discovery Team in the 2019/2020 season.  He has developed a massive sideline hit and can be found playing on the wing. Garner has already found himself on the score sheet in the North East Regional League, we're sure there are many more goals to come.

The Players: Meet the Coaches

CARNE     17

Discovery Team Captain

Carne is one of the Club's originals, coming to taster sessions back in 2011.  Not needing to use a powerchair everyday; learning to control the fast powerchairs has been his biggest challenge.  Now a valued member of the Club's Discovery Team, after gaining experience playing in the National League for the Club's Reserves team, Carne often covers goal in his calm manner, he can also sometimes be found on the wing.


Endeavour Team Player

The oldest of the Cartwright brothers he earned his place as part of the Discovery Team in 2019/2020 season, playing in the North East Regional League.  C. Cartwright has played powerchair football since he was just 6 years old and has made huge improvements.  You can often find him taking a cracking sideline in matches as well having discussions with the referee why it isn't his kick in!


Discovery Team Player

Our number 70 is one of the Club's newest players and has already made massive improvements; so much so that he was called upon in January 2020 to play for the Discovery Team in the North East Regional League.  He is already making a great contribution to the team and has made many new friends within the Club.

The Players: Meet the Coaches


Endeavour Team Player

Another one of the Club's football mad lads, Boro mad too; Straughan has played powerchair football since 2016.  Straughan's skills have improved over the years and you can usually find him playing at the back.  Straughan is best know for his football banter, him and our Club's Chairman often have discussions about football matches! Straughan really is a mind full of football knowledge, chatting with the Club's players about their favourite teams and players.


Endeavour Team Player

Young Cartwright joined his brother to play powerchair football and has quickly got to grips with the sport.  He is not shy in reminding his opposition of the 5 meter rule, often telling his own team mates to be 5 too! Confident to cover goal young Cartwright has made many a great save, he can take a cracking goal kick too, handy when playing in the development division of the Yorkshire League.

CURRY     29

Endeavour Team Player

Curry is one of the Club's originals, playing powerchair football since the Club first set up in 2011.  Curry has developed a cracking sideline and is always first to step up to take them when it's his team's ball.  Curry has had a couple of breaks from playing over the years but the players are always pleased to see him return.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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connor 3.jpg

HUGHES     24

Discovery Team Player

Joining Middlesbrough PFC was life changing for Hughes.  When Hughes joined the club he had no independent mobility.  Cue coaches to sort him a chair to enable him to move; something he'd never been able to independently do before.  Initially just spinning round and round, Hughes soon learned how to control the powerchair!  Returning at the back end of 2019, after a short break, it's great to have him back.  Hughes has fitted nicely back into the Club and, with a new mature outlook, his game skills are certainly improving.  Certainly one to look out for in the future.

HUSSAIN     26

Discovery Team Player

Hussain played powerchair football for the Club a few years ago and returned in 2020.  Hussain has certainly not forgotten how to play powerchair football and has slipped back into playing really easily.  Hussain enjoys playing in goal, making some great saves at training as he reads the game so well.


Reserves & First Team Player

Rumney is one of the newest members of Middlesbrough PFC. Rumney works for MFC and is a UEFA B coach.  Rumney hadn't heard of powerchair football until seeing an interview with England Captain Jon Bolding during the first lockdown in 2020 and he then got in touch with Middlesbrough PFC.  He uses a micro joystick and is getting used to the speed of the chair as well as the laws of the game.  Definitely one to watch in the future.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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Endeavour Team Player

Hall is very new to Middlesbrough PFC.  After hearing about powerchair football from his friends at Vision 25, Hall decided he would give it a go.  Hall has joined in a couple of training sessions and is evnjoying it so far.


Reserves & First Team Player

Alexander is the newest member of Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club.  Alexander used to play powerchair football quite a few years ago but, due to his deteriorating condition, it became impossible for him to drive the powerchair in the traditional manner. After seeing that Rumney is all set up to play with the use of a micro joystick, Alexander got in touch with MPFC.  Alexander is back and is now keener than ever to get playing again.  With the knowledge and determination of Middlesbrough PFC coaches, the ball is in motion to set up a Club chair with a micro chin joystick!

REY 10

First Team Players

Rey joined the Club's First Team at the beginning of 2019/2020 season, travelling from the South of France for training and matches.  Rey has played powerchair football for around 18 years and her experience has been invaluable on court.  She is a very versatile player and can easily drop into any position during a game.

The Players: Meet the Coaches
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